Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 1st

Following are links to stories I've shared with friends each December 1st since 2002:

2015:  "Merry Christmas, My Friend"

2014: Homeless Holiday

2013: Christmas I Remember Best: Brown bread brought us blessings 

2012: The Man Who Missed Christmas

2011: 'Christmas I Remember Best': Reunion with family capped special Christmas

2010: The Vanishing Flame -  Chanukah Story

2009: Real Gift of Christmas

2008: Christmas I remember best: Christmas of rag dolls altered view

2007: Christmas Chimes - Erma Bombeck

2006: The Winged Present

2005: An Exchange of Gifts

2004: The Christmas Cup

2003: The Candle

2002: The Man Who Missed Christmas - Same story as 2012

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