Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 12th

Here are the stories I shared with friends each December 12th since 2002:

2015: A Pocketknife and a Flashlight 

2014: A fable: The Most Beautiful Thing

2013: Christmas Gift

2012: The Christmas Scout

2011: One Shiny Dime and Three Pennies

2010: A Gift of Christmas

2009: A Saint Nicholas Tale

2008: All You Need at Christmas

2007:  If I had My Life to Live Over - Erma Bombeck  ****


2006: Ana's Gift of Love to Santa  ****

2005: Blinking Lights and Whispered Words

2004: The Tablecloth

2003: A Gift from a Two Year-Old

2002: The Christmas Scout


Leave a comment rating the stories up to 4 stars.. Please let me know if a link is broken.

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