Friday, December 18, 2015

December 18th

Here are the stories I shared with friends each December 18th since 2002:

2015: The Hot Water Bottle ****

2014: Our Pickle-Jar Christmas

2013: Christmas Chimes  --Erma Bombeck ***

2012: A Parable:  THE "OLD ONE"   by Rev. David L. Griffith

2011:  A Promise Kept

2010: Steve’s Christmas

2009: Dear Santa ... from Mom

2008: Christmas morning

2007: A Brighter Christmas!!

2006: The Night Before Christmas - An African Christmas Story -Rev. Pete E. Adotey Addo

2005: The Christmas Woodpile (fiction)

2004: The Horse That Saved Christmas

2003: The Gift of the Magi  - O Henry

2002: Why The Chimes Rang  - by Raymond Macdonald Alden


Leave a comment rating the stories up to 4 stars.. Please let me know if a link is broken.

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